10 Things I’m Currently Loving

  1. This video of the 2016 Bosch parade in the Netherlands. It’s an annual thing. Bucket list.
  2. The mango tangerine scented candles from Trader Joes. My friend discovered these. I trust her judgement so I bought four. Going to need more.
  3. This article about the meanies who took to cyberbullying the parents when the kid  fell into the gorilla pen.
  4. These drinking glasses from Target. For some reason I got mine on clearance for six bucks. I wasn’t sure I’d love them, but they feel very elegant. They make me happy.
  5. Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt. I hyperlinked to Amazon but get it from your local bookseller if you can.
  6. This post on making a travel journal. I love all things Pam Garrison, but this post really inspired me and I copied her and made a journal I’m pretty happy with.
  7. This girl. Men used to be “uncomfortable” when women showed a bit of ankle. And by the way, I’m “uncomfortable” when you wear a speedo at the beach. You’ll get over it. We’ve had to.
  8. This healthy breakfast I make every morning. A spoonful of Greek honey yogurt, granola, berries. It’s such a treat, and it’s good for you!
  9. CreativeBug. Unlimited online art classes for five bucks a month. So good.
  10. Her. So wise.

10 Things I’m currently loving


  1. The youtube channel called “Yoga with Adriene
  2. Larry Wilmore’s piece from The Nightly Show in regards to the conferderate flag. The video begins a little early; I heard it first on Fresh Air, beginning with the line: “It’s time for a segment we call, For the Record”
  3. This article about the bullies who make nasty comments on the internet from Sarah Hepola, as read to Terry Gross on Fresh Air
  4. Speaking of which, this video wherein men read horribly trolly comments written to women sportswriters by other men
  5. This candle from Capri Blue. The small votives from Anthropologie are great too
  6. This candle from Trapp
  7. the Gilmore Guys Podcast
  8. This rad Hieronymus Bosch interactive
  9. The book At Home With Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott
  10. Bullet Journaling! I’m hooked. I use my always fave notebook, a blank Moleskine  What are you loving right now?