A crepe paper plum

I am starting to go through some of my old notebooks and I came upon this little jewel from 2004. I think I was reading PoemCrazy by Susan Wooldridge, and I’m pretty sure these were her questions I was answering.

Who were you in my dream

I was the girl in Balenciaga

What did you hear

I heard the click of white heels on linoleum

What were you wearing

A cape and blue stockings

What were you eating

A crepe paper plum

What did you want

I wanted a pair of finger symbols shaped like fish

Why were you hiding

There were ticks in the grass

Who was with you

The moon and my cape

Where were you going

To the party, if I could make it without tearing my dress


I love this exercise because after you’ve answered the questions, you can take them away and string your answers together to form a poem, or at least the first draft of a poem. Poemcrazy is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.