A Witchy Little Tale for Halloween

There is a section in When My Heart Was Wicked that goes, “I have these images in my head. Memories, dreams—whatever they are, they seem real. Then again, I dreamed for many nights as a little kid that a witch sat beside my bed as I slept. In that dream, I would wake up and she would be looking at me, not saying anything. She scared me. I never found out what she wanted. That felt real, but it had to be a dream, so maybe these other things were dreams too.”

The truth is, this section was lifted from my own life, from my own childhood. Countless nights, a witch, watching me sleep. An unsettling dream.

My father still owns that same home; my old bed is still in the same spot. I have slept in it while visiting, along with my two children. One day we were talking about reoccurring dreams, and my daughter told me, “I keep having a dream at grandpa’s where a witch is sitting by the bed, watching us sleep.”

What do you think about that?


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